We don’t have time to eat healthy

Sound Easy? How many times have you heard that phrase? Or maybe you are one of those who make it?

You know what? I will tell You a secret, we are busy. The Lady from the store around the corner, who gets up at 4 in the morning to get ready for work, the bizzy guest in Corpo that challenge cases until late in the evening, or even a retiree, who a couple of years of not working, and complains of the lack of free time.

Set up so that once and for all, everyone is busy and it’s called “mature Life”.

Another thing, the food is important, very important. What we eat affects our health, and it is the most important.
Find a moment to watch “Walking dead”, match, sit on FaceBook, and not know how to find the time to prepare a healthy meal. WTF ? ? ?

Lunch break

Lunch break

Bullshit, just You do not want, and everything else is excuses.

For starters, you need to change your style of thinking. Food preparation you need to treat it as an important, essential and necessary part of the day.
Like getting to work, or driving the children to school. You do not have time to drive the kids to school? And what? Just not doing? No, setup your day so, however, there were.
The same must be preparing meals, you just need to do it.
For your health and for the health of Your family.

You deserve to eat healthy, balanced meals that will support Your active lifestyle!

Quick, unhealthy fast food or other pizzas from microwave, ensure You obesity, fatigue, mood swings, and a box full of drugs at the age of thirty a few years.
All those charged salt and sugar dishes, main our taste buds, which no longer satisfy the fresh, juicy and sweet Apple.

Recently, I found a ketchup, a large inscription without PRESERVATIVES, but nobody wrote a NOTE 33% sugar.
Yes! the foolish coconut milk was more sugar than coca-cola. And remember that they add it everywhere, and addictive as heroin.

Maybe today with junk food you can save these 15 minutes a day, but those saved minutes on 100% reflect David Cameron war in the future.

So, stop say a lack of time, and simply start eating healthy and real products! You will thank me later.